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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


It is no longer news that many building failed in every part of the world. This has caused panicking and fear to many on how to construct building that will last long. The fact remains that a building cannot just fail or collapse but only when something went wrong during the construction stages. Let see some of the building causes of Building collapse.


Foundation which transmit all loads is the major factors that can cause building failure. Adequate foundation can cost up to half of the price of a building. When you are building a foundation, the solidity of the soil and heaviness of the building and its content should be put into consideration. No matter how strong the land is, foundation must be strong enough to carry the load because inadequate foundation will surely make building to collapse.


Using material that are not standard or wrong used of materials will caused building failure. Some contractor used incorrect materials to cut cost, this is as a result of using materials for a storey buildings to mount four-storey building.


Inexperience workers on construction site add to failure in buildings. Selfishness of some contractors prompt them to look for inexperience workforce on site because of lesser charges of those inexperience workforce for the contractor to get more profit to him or her self.


Engagement of inexperience contractor has caused lot of building failure,damages and collapses. Inexperience will lead to unstandard structure because of lack of knowledge on building production which will not be able to serve it purpose and collapse before it initial life span.


Construction materials such as paint, timbers e.t.c are flamable and encouraged fire. Once there is fire outbreak, the structural members is been weaken and later collapse.


Disaster such as heavy storm, wind, thunder, earthquake can all cause failure and collapse in building if not put into consideration before construction beginning...

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