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Thursday, February 6, 2020


The development of any Nation is usually determined by provision of infractructural facilities such as housing, factories, roads, bridges, hospital for sustainable growth. In achieving this infrastructural facilities, Professionals whose areas of specialisation are in consonance with the objectives should be put into consideration.

Professionals are those certified by a professional body belonging to a specific profession by virtues of having completed a required course of studies or practice. Professionals are expertise that are specialized on a particular areas or field.

Delivery of construction project involve the Coordinated actions of many different professionals to achieve a specific task and objectives. The professionals involved brings knowledge, skills, character and experience that will contribute to decisions which are incorporated in the project information for smooth execution of the project.



The custidian of land information such as the size, location, topography, features on and beneath the land upon which any construction is built is the Land surveyor. Without all this informations, accurate planning, designs and execution of the project can't be done.


Responsible for orderliness in the developmental layout such as population, infrastructural facilities and other needa of the people to show the various land use.


Architect help the client to formulate his or her requirements into an understandable form ( Drawings). May also need to help the client to bring together a team to give specific services.


Members of the design team that produce drawings, calculations, specifications, schedules and other relevant data required for the delivery of the construction project. They must also visit the site regularly to ensure that the work is done according to the statutory requirements.


Quantity surveyor prepare an approximate cost from sketch drawings. They should be called upon at the early stage of consultation for construction work.


Builders are the professional that rendered that the service of building production management in execution of building project.  Builder should be involved from the inception of the project to completion. Builder supervise building construction project using their "buildabilty" for the success of the project.

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