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Monday, February 10, 2020


Having considered the causes of building failure, remedial actions could be used as preventive measures. Design and construction standards are approximately stated and tailored by professionals and planning authority officials are Preventive actions to be taken.

In addressing the problem of building failure, the following preventive measures should be put into consideration.

1. Government intervention by enlighten the public on how building disasters could be prevented

2. Town planning authorities should be adequately equipped for effective monitoring of project at pre- construction, during construction and post construy stages.

3. Proffesional bodies in construction should organise effective training for artisans and craftsmen in the construction industry.

4.professional development should be  emphasized by the bodies in the construction industry and government on current trend in construction.

5. Structural Engineer must be involve in any structure that has floor such as any structure beyond bungalow building.

6. Builder should be involved from the initial stage to completion of any building  construction to be executed.

7. Every construction work should be approved before commenced. The approved drawing and specifications should be strictly adheres to and implement.

8. Construction work should be carried out by registered contractor rather than engaging unlearned, unskilled contractor and should be supervised by registered Architect, Engineer and Builder.

9. Any defective structure identified that needs to be demolish, neccessary actions should be taken to avoid havoc on lives and properties.

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