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Wednesday, April 22, 2020



The pandemic COVID-19 is no longer a breaking news as the virus is world most popular disease. This disease has claimed thousands of lives to death while millions of lives are on deteriorating state across the world.

A friend of mine says and I quote "The fear of COVID-19 is the beginning of wisdom".  This ofcause has brought meltdown to economy in the world due to the mandatory "total lockdown and restriction of movement" in other to contain the spread of this dreadful virus most especially the developed and industrialised countries across the world.

However, Covid-19 has caused closure of many activities, restrictions of transportation and movement of people. Citizens were stuck up in their respective country home, closure of borders, social distancing and more. With all these effects, the question is;  how does this affect Construction Industries on the delivery of construction project?

The fact is that clients want their construction project to be delivered very fast most especially those constructing buildings for commercial purposes such as renting, leasing and buying in order to start earning fast from their invested. Much emphasis are laid on high on Road, bridges, drainage etc, to be completed ontime to ease congestion and smooth transportation of goods and services for economic growth on those areas where project works are under construction.

But this lockdown which has perturbed human activities due to pandemic COVID-19, it has possed a serious setback for contractors and clients which makes them panicking on project delivery.

Ideally, according to the people's opinions on construction, this lockdown period would have been the right time for construction project to be completed most especially roads and bridges because of less movement of people and vehicles around the cities and on the highway. Thus, it would enhance the optimum utilisation of the project which must have been completed during this period of the lockdown.



The mandated lockdown imposed on people and movement of vehicles by the government has caused a total setback on construction projects, human and materials resources were stuck at different locations i.e workers were denied access to site and construction materials cannot be transported to site.


One of the most important factor on construction site is SAFETY. Construction Companies or Contractors would not risk the life of their workers on site with the way the disease is spreading and easily contacted by another person otherwise, to follow the safety precautions as stated by Center for Disease Control. Once a worker is infected without being isolated and quarantine, there's high tendency of spreading the virus across to others. This has been one of the majority challenges to delivery of Construction Project during this COVID-19 period.


I heard of a company that wanted to store material on site before the total lockdown, the materials price was almost multiple of the initial price. Increase in price will lead to the contractor's lost because contract sum must have been agreed between the client and the contractor before the commencement of the lockdown.

All these are part of the reasons why delivery of construction project will experience setback at this period of time. Nevertheless, the fact is that COVID-19 presently has no particular vaccine or vaccine that can be use for the treatment. The basic prevention so as not to be infected is to follow all the safety precautions by the Centre for Disease Control.

1.   Stay home as much as possible you can

2.   Avoid social distancing

3.   Wash hand often

4.   Avoid hand shake and hugging  with other

5.   Cover your cough with your elbow

6.   Call for medical attention if you are sick

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